Open Workflow for Library Preparation


cellenONE is an open platform providing both single cell isolation and nanoliter dispensing.

Such versatility allows users to automate many of the crucial steps involved in the ever growing number of single cell library preparation methods available today.

Moreover, ability to work in nanovolumes and microwells allows a drastic reduction in reagents consumption and associated costs.



Reagent addition in low volumes: (Lysis buffer + RT mix) addition (40nL/well).
Credits: Derek Bogdanoff. UCSF. 2017


Few Substrate Limitations

Low Volume Dispensing (pico to nanoliters) for Decreased Reaction Volumes

Multiple Interventions Possible (most library prep can be adapted)

Low Reagent Costs

High Percentage of Single Cell Isolation in Given Target

Correlate Cell Image with Sequencing Data

Automation Friendly

Traditional Single Cell Library Prep Methods have Limitations


Currently there are two main methods to prepare libraries,


  • after the FACS sorting doing microwell plates dilutions, and
  • with droplet microfluidics systems


However, both systems have challenges such as low throughput, substrate limitations (384wp maximum), relatively large working volumes (microliters) and the cost per cell ends up being very expensive.

Library preparation protocols prepared with cellenONE® technology enable a fully automated process and a miniaturised scale experiements.

The following steps can be performed with cellenONE®

How to Generate Low Cost scRNA-seq Libraries


Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) methods must combine sensitivity of capturing transcript diversity within a cell with an accuracy that reflects the relative proportions of the transcripts in a cost and time-efficient manner.

cellenONE® platform, providing both single cell isolation and automated nanoliter dispensing, drastically reduces library prep cost and handling time by miniaturizing an existing scRNA-seq commercial kit, from 5-µl → 100-nl working volume


Miniaturized Qiagen’s UPX 3’ Transcriptome kit for use in cellenONE®  with cellenCHIP® and obtained scRNA-seq libraries for less than 1.75 € / 2 USD per cell 

Data quantitatively aligns with other scRNA-seq technologies

                Miniaturizing a Commercial 96wp Transcriptome Kit

QIAseq UPX 3´ vs cellenCHIP
96 unique oligo dT 96 unique oligo dT
5 μl/well 100 nL/well
96 single cells 1536 single cells
$35/cell $2/cell

cellenion has developed cellenCHIP®, an innovative nanowell chip for miniaturized and automated library preparation. It consists on a four 96-well plate in the footprint at a microscope slide.