Single Cell Whole Genome Sequencing


Single cell WGS study performed jointly at UBC and BCCRC aimed to analyze genome heterogeneity, mutational process and clonal evolution over tens of thousands of single cells or single nuclei from a variety of tissues. The author developed DLP+, a fully integrated pipeline from wet bench to analysis platform.




Low volume & reagent costs
0,27 US$/cell

High quality library

Versatile: cell and nuclei
from 5 to 80µm

Open and high throughput
1000’s cell/experiments



Direct Library Preparation (DLP+)  is a new single cell tagmentation-based WGS method without preamplification which includes an analysis pipeline and allows clustering of thousands of cells at once:

  • Compatible with cell line, dissociated mouse and human tissues and nuclei from FF human breast cancer PDX tissue
  • Optimized WGS protocol for nanovolume library preparation
  • Open-source cloud computing pipeline for single-cell genome analytics (
  • Pseudobulk sequence from assembled single cell genomes successfully used as reference for clustering the same single cells
  • Level genome ploidies, cell specific mitotic error rates, and cell specific replication status were successfully obtained from single cell data

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