Why single cell isolation and dispensing?

  • Sample Preparation

    Prior to single cell analytics (-OMICS) from solid tumors and liquid biopsies, the traditional bulk approach remains limited

  • Cloning Steps

    During cell lines and monoclonal antibody development, manual dilution is no longer a sofisticated solution, since multiple colonies might be contained in each well.

    Limiting Dilution
    with cellenONE®

Current manual isolation methods are unefficient and uncertain, since they follow poisson distribution.

How does cellenONE technology work?



(1)   Cell suspension is loaded in a glass capillary


(2)   cellenONE allows perfect control and on demand drop generation in air


(3)   Thanks to automated imaging inside the glass capillary, cellenONE determine, if the upcoming drop will contain or not a single cell


(4)   Single cells containing drops are dispensed into selected target(s), drops without cells or with more than one cells are dispensed into a recycling tube


A high resolution optical camera is installed in all systems, it will photograph the inside of the capillary and will follow cell after cell till they are ejected.

Image based single cell isolation technology ensures precision and viability. All single cells isolated.